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LSI Marine Construction, LLC is a local marine construction company that has been offering marine waterfront structures on the Outer Banks of North Carolina since 2015. Scott Small has worked in the marine construction business since 1994 offering timber and vinyl bulkheads and retaining walls, piers and docks, house pilings, mooring pilings, new boat lift installs, service, maintenance, and adjustments for existing boat lifts, dune walkovers, landward decks and walkways, and recently ocean front pier restoration and repairs.

Scott Small joined his father, Lyn Small and his step mother, Lynn McQueen Small in 1994 to assist with the family business. Later his brother Donny Small, joined the Small family business at Lyn Small, Inc. based in Kitty Hawk, NC. In August 2002, Monica McLaurin Small came aboard. The home-based business continued to grow and later expanded to Powells Point, NC where a new building was constructed and the firm moved Christmas of 2005.

Fast forward to September 2016, Monica and Scott decided to take a different route by downsizing to a smaller crew of 6 in the field and bringing the business back home to Kitty Hawk, NC. The long-term plan is to focus on preserving NC’s timber ocean fishing piers through restoration and repairs, as well as smaller marine construction jobs in Dare and Currituck Counties of NC.

With a dedicated team, work is completed with different types of machinery, either by jetting piles with water, driving sheet panels with a vibratory hammer, or using a special crane to install pilings for timber ocean front piers. The #LSI #ATeam takes pride in building permanent structures in our communities where we live, raise our families, and give back to our local community and economy. With great determination, serious attention to the weather, and over 30 years of experience; LSI Marine Construction LLC, delivers a product that will stand the test of time and mother nature to the best of our abilities.

Give us a call 252-261-1967; email to discuss your waterfront project; and find us on Facebook @LSIMarineLLC for more information.


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Waterfront Solutions


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Boat Lift Installs, Service & Maintenance, now the newest Outer Banks Tidetamer Boat Lift Dealer, parts & lifts delivered weekly

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